See The World In A Whole New Light!

One of the great joys of travel is discovering rude-sounding place names, and giggling at them until you dribble. Did you know that almost any rude word you can think of is also a genuine place name, somewhere in the world?

From the Bums of Afghanistan and the Twatts of Britain, to the Knobs of Australia, via a Brazilian Varginha and a Philippine Sexmoan... the world is strewn with rude, lewd and innuendo-laden place names, and here's the proof.  

ST&G's Magnificently Rude Map Of World Place Names showcases nearly 300 genuine names of towns, villages, roads, lakes, mountains and other geographic features from every continent, such as:

  • Knobhead, Antarctica
  • Titz, Germany
  • Poop, Mexico
  • Arse, France
  • Fucking, Austria
  • Bollock, Philippines
  • A couple of places resembling the c-word (yep)
  • And of course that old favourite, Lake Titicaca, Peru / Bolivia

The Magnificently Rude Map Of World Place Names is the perfect gift for travellers, adventure-seekers, map lovers and anyone with a naughty sense of humour or a profound love of profanity.




Product details: A3 (420 x 297mm) wall map, printed digitally on 140 gsm uncoated paper for that vintage look. Rolled in tissue paper and sent in a thick cardboard tube with no paperwork - perfect for sending as a gift.

Or How About The Framed Version?