Featuring nearly 700 tenuously food-and-drink-related British place names, ST&G's Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names is the perfect kitchen wall accessory or gift for unashamed foodies. 

From Teapot in Stirling to Greedy Gut in Yorkshire, from Water-Ma-Trout in Cornwall to Rumblings in the Shetland Islands, Great Britain is not exactly starved of gastronomically-themed place names. For the first time in history, this little-known but highly enjoyable fact is being made available in the form of an A3-sized print.

Not only is the Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names a mouth-watering visual feast, but also delightfully entertaining and - dare we say it - educational, a kind of cartographical amuse-bouche that will tickle the taste buds and whet the appetite for some adventure around our green and pleasant land.

Size: A3 (297 x 420 mm). Printed digitally on high quality 175 gsm uncoated paper for that rather special vintage look. Rolled in tissue paper, sealed with a branded sticker and sent in a thick cardboard tube (no paperwork inside).


"Seriously silly maps... well researched and beautifully crafted."

~ Lonely Planet

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