Rude World Place Names Map

One of the great joys of travel is chuckling until you dribble at funny and rude-sounding place names. Fortunately, now you don’t have to travel the world to find them. Enjoy the world’s most scandalous-sounding place names from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of the Magnificently Rude Map Of World Place Names.

From the Bums of Afghanistan and the Twatts of Britain, to the Knobs of Australia, via a Brazilian Varginha and a Philippine Sexmoan... the world is strewn with rude, lewd and innuendo-laden place names, and here's the proof.  

ST&G's Magnificently Rude Map Of World Place Names showcases nearly 300 genuine towns, villages, roads, lakes, mountains and other geographic features from every continent, such as:

  • Knobhead, Antarctica

  • Arse, France

  • Some even ruder-sounding places

  • And of course that old favourite, Lake Titicaca, Peru / Bolivia

All place names on the map are 100% real - we're not yanking your chain. The map is a vintage-style print that looks pretty classy from across the room, but turns out to be quite the opposite upon closer inspection.

Product details: A3 (420 x 297mm) wall map, printed digitally on 140 gsm uncoated paper for that classy, vintage look (although why, given the content, is anyone's question). 

What Customers are Saying


“An ideal gift”

“Love these maps. Ours is framed in the hall and is always a talking point. Thoughtfully created, ticklingly funny and beautifully presented - an ideal gift!”


“Great fun”

“Bought the Rude Map of the World for a colleague and knew I'd not be able to part with it, so bought two. Great fun, can't wait to get mine framed and see whether people in the office step up for a closer view. (...)”


“Brilliant... and hilarious”

“Well worth buying especially if you have a good sense of humour!”

Or How About The Framed Version?