Great British Food & Drink Map

It’s the cheesiest map of Britain… perfect for foodies!

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Hundreds of regional / local specialities and produce!

Over 500 breweries and distilleries!

Over 200 foodie markets, festivals and events!

Over 450 unique restaurants, pubs and cafés!

Many landmarks and places of foodie intrigue!

Britain’s top 50 food & drink locations!

A LA Cartography

Food, glorious food! Not so long ago, Britain was the butt of international jokes about the state of its cuisine. Now, strutting like a celebrity chef, Britain dines out on its remarkable transformation from small beer to big cheese, blending culinary tradition, modern global gastronomy... and copious tea.

Full-to-bursting with over 2,000 piping hot food and drink locations, with a generous drizzling of tasty trivia, ST&G’s Delightfully Stuffed Great British Food & Drink Map will inspire foodie adventures all over. You bring the crackers, we’ll bring the cheese.

Product details: Folds out to 100 cm x 89 cm. Made in Britain using FSC-certified paper. Perfect for food & drink lovers of every kind.


what our customers are saying


“An ideal gift”

“Love these maps. Ours is framed in the hall and is always a talking point. Thoughtfully created, ticklingly funny and beautifully presented - an ideal gift!”


“Awfully, spifflingly British”

“Awfully, spifflingly British. These folks take those many things that make Britain, British; our ludicrously mis named villages, our Quirky quirks, our amusing byways and sideways view of the world, and put them onto maps. Such an amusing present or a fun poster for your library (...)”


“Brilliant... and hilarious”

“Well worth buying especially if you have a good sense of humour!”



The Delightfully Stuffed Great British Food & Drink Map contains:

  • BRITAIN’S TOP 50 Britain’s finest food & drink locations and an epically epicurean road trip connecting them all, the tastiest road trip imaginable

  • LOCAL SPECIALITIES Over 500 traditional dishes and regional / local specialities, and over 400 examples of local produce and pick-your-own farms

  • BEVERAGES GALORE Over 500 breweries, cider producers, vineyards / wineries and distilleries

  • FESTIVALS & EVENTS Over 200 of the finest food & drink markets, festivals and events

  • EATERIES Over 450 unique and visit-worthy restaurants, pubs and cafés

  • TASTY TRIVIA Hundreds of landmarks, attractions and fascinating places of foodie interest

Dreamed up, designed and made in sunny Britain.

Also Available Flat Or Framed...