Locating The Perfect Royal Baby Name

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to become parents for the second time, here at Strumpshaw Towers we’ve been pondering the circle of life, and in particular the thorny subject of choosing baby names.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether to go modern, stick with tradition or come up with something truly original. Like Nutella (or not, as the French courts would have it).

But we think expecting parents this side of the channel can find all the inspiration they need right on their doorstep, right here in Britain as shown on our latest creation, the Marvellous Mini Map of Royal Baby Names.

STG Royal Baby Names Mini Map.jpg

Like a Michelin-starred restaurant sourcing food from its own garden or a premiership football club recruiting its next star from its youth team, this is a wonderful home-grown source of potential baby names.  

From Ben to Glen, Daisy to Dudley, Alexandria to Arabella, why look any further for inspiration than a Great British place name?

Yes, of course their Royal Highnesses have their family-approved shortlist already. But wouldn’t it be great if they chose their new baby's name from the abundant suggestions provided by the very land over which they will reign? 

If they’re feeling all modern and showbiz, there’s a Witney, Scarlett or Drew.

For a more traditional, patriotic feel how about Winston, Victoria or Charles?

If it’s a girl, there’s even a Wendy in the very vicinity of their dukedom.

Or maybe they should go for a plain old Trevor, Keith or Sid. All fine home-grown British names.

Windsor Windsor, anyone? That would be wonderful, not least as a call sign should the prince or princess ever participate in a coast-to-coast trucking adventure.

Of course, you don’t need to be a royal to enjoy these suggestions. If you are expecting, and haven’t yet chosen a name for your new family member, why not get some inspiration from a Great British place name?

Or feel free to download our Marvellous Mini Map of Baby Names, print it out and have an office sweepstake. The bookies reckon Elizabeth and Arthur are the most likely names. But wouldn’t you love to welcome a Somerset, Isla or Sandy into the world as the latest addition to the royal family (and take a few pounds sterling off your colleagues)?