ST&G Finally Has A "Product Range"

"So let me get this right. You just make a map of silly and rude place names and that's your business?” comes the question from a face screwed-up in incomprehension.

Yep, pretty much. But here’s a little rundown of what we now pompously call our product range...

Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names - £24 (A2) or £28 (A1)

First up, our flagship product. Are you more Old School or New School? Taking you on a fun, slightly cheeky and mildly educational tour of Britain, our Marvellous Map has hundreds of funny, slightly rude and just plain silly sounding place names.

Rather Cheeky Map of Great British Bottoms - £18 (A3)

Featuring nearly 300 Great British place names all involving the word ‘Bottom’…. from Scratchy Bottom in Dorset to the Loch of Bottoms in the Shetland Islands, Great Britain is strewn with Bottoms. For the first time in history, this little-known but highly enjoyable fact is being made available in the form of an A3-sized print.

Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names - £18 (A3)

Featuring nearly 700 Great British tenuously food-and-drink-related place names, ST&G's Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names is the perfect kitchen wall accessory or gift for unashamed foodies. From Teapot in Stirling to Greedy Gut in Yorkshire, from Water-Ma-Trout in Cornwall to Rumblings in the Shetland Islands, Great Britain is not exactly starved of gastronomically-themed place names.

Personalised Maps - £36 (A3), £40 (A2) or £44 (A1)

All our maps above are available either as ‘Classic' (non-personalised) and ‘Deluxe’ (personalised) editions. If you are buying a present for a special occasion or simply want to give a unique gift, our one-off Deluxe editions allow you to add a message to the print. 

Tea Towels - £12

With the exception of the Old School Marvellous Map, which has too many place names to be legible in tea towel form, all our maps are available as 100% cotton tea towels. No longer will the post-meal clearing up be the chore it used to be! But it could take a little longer as you’ll be distracted with thoughts such as ‘Who lives in a place called Frolic?’, ‘Is Fulking Hill the best expletive-disguised-as-a-place-name ever?’ or ‘Shall we go to Greatbottom Flash this weekend, darling?

Marvellous Mug - £12

British place names, ST&G’s Marvellous Mug is a multi-coloured delight, guaranteed to help start the day with a chuckle as you slurp your morning beverage, pondering your plans for the day and getting sidetracked by questions such as ‘Is there really a place called Little Cockup?’, ‘What on earth goes on at Galloping Bottom?’ or ‘Wherefore art thou, Studley Roger?'

Greeting Cards - £12 (pack of 5)

Whether you want to compliment or insult someone, wish them all the best or something far less magnanimous, or simply celebrate those oft-publicised British traits, you really can say it with Great British place names. But wait! That’s not all. Our greeting cards also ingeniously double up as highly-customisable wall art. Our greeting cards fit perfectly into a standard 5" x 7” picture frame. 

Our card collections:

  • Celebration
  • Insults
  • Love & Hugs
  • Very British
  • Christmas

Fridge Fingerpost - £12

Liven up your kitchen with ST&G’s funny and - dare we say it - functional fridge fingerpost magnet set. A miniature version of the classic British black and white striped road signs, dubbed ‘fingerposts’, seen all over the country in bygone times, they include some of the very finest Great British place names.

So, there's something for almost everyone, we hope. Except for people who don't appreciate a good place name. That's fairly crucial. If you are even more confused after reading this, or have any questions, do of course get in touch. But, yes, in short, with one or two little exceptions, we really do "just make a map of silly and rude place names and that's our business”.. for now.