ST&G Greeting Cards ~ Say It With Great British Place Names

This is not the world's shortest blog post, so you may need to warm up your scrolling finger. On the plus side, it is mostly pictures, and you may even find that one or two of them tickle your pickle. Welcome to our greeting cards collection!

These cheekily conceived, classily designed and luxuriously made cards are available as a pick'n'mix set of 5. That means you get to choose - you are the customer, after all - and you're in exactly the right place to do so. When buying simply tell us on checkout which cards you'd like.

Love & hugs

Very British



Special Editions


And there you have it. To tell us what you think, leave a comment below, email us or have a mild rant on Twitter or Facebook, or to make a purchase, head to our shop. Or do sweet nothing. Thank you, at least, for scrolling this far.