Revealing Great Britain's Cheeky Streak

A place called Galloping Bottom? In Somerset? Don't be silly. Rotten Bottom (Dumfries)? No, impossible. Bushy Bottom, in West Sussex? Stop it. That's quite enough of your cheek, thank you very much.

Or so you'd think. But after months of painstaking surveying and untold man-hours making the most fastidious measurements, we at last present the proof - our latest addition to the fold: The Rather Cheeky Map of Great British Bottoms.

The Cheek Of It

From Scratchy Bottom in Dorset to the Loch of Bottoms in the Shetland Islands, Great Britain is strewn with Bottoms. For the first time in history, this little-known but highly enjoyable fact is being made available in map form. The Rather Cheeky Map of Great British Bottoms shows only those place names displaying a bit of Bottom. It's the map equivalent of the archetypal British builder, only easier on the eye.

Keeping the British End Up

Not only is the Rather Cheeky Map of Great British Bottoms a pleasing eyeful, partly fashioned on geological maps of old, but it is also delightfully entertaining and - dare we say it - educational, showing the spread of Bottoms across the land and answering questions such as ‘which Great British Bottom is closest to me?’, ‘where in Britain should a Bottom enthusiast go?’ and ‘what are the coldest, laziest, cheesiest and most inconvenient Bottoms of them all?'

From the Bottom of the Heart

The Rather Cheeky Map of Great British Bottoms is the perfect unusual gift for anyone with a love of Britain, a cheeky sense of humour or a map fetish. Also, if you know of a wall - or indeed an individual - in dire need of livening up, this could be just the well-rounded solution you're looking for.

Available only online, the Rather Cheeky Map of Great British Bottoms is sold either as a traditional print (A3 from £18) or a handy tea towel (£12). Bottoms up!