Britain's Top 10 Foodie Place Names

It is common knowledge that if you look at a map for long enough, strange cravings for travel begin to stir in the soul. But did you know that, alongside acute wanderlust, staring at a map can also induce a burning appetite? 

Yes, the latest research, when it's not arguing with itself over the pros or cons of a daily glass of red wine, really does bear this out. Here at Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick - nutritionists extraordinaire - we've donned white lab coats and tucked enormous napkins into our shirt-tops to bring you our scientifically-proven top 10 most flavoursome places in Britain.  

1. Guzzle Down (Devon) - A wonderfully-named hill just inland from the world-famous English Riviera
2. Greedy Gut (East Riding of Yorkshire) - A little-known channel of water, part of the otherwordly beauty of Spurn Point
3. Rumblings (Shetland Islands) - Only a spud’s throw from the northernmost point of Britain
4. Bakebare (Banffshire, Scotland) - Great mental imagery (and an idea for a new TV show?)
5. Fryup (North Yorkshire) - Encompassing Great Fryup Dale and Great Fryup Beck
6. Towcester (Northamptonshire) - goes very well with… Teapot (Stirling)
7. Nut Crackers (Devon) - A beautiful spot on Dartmoor
8. Drunken Bottom (Oxfordshire) - There are many place names in Britain containing ‘Bottom’, and this is our favourite food & drink one
9. Burgar (Orkney Islands) - How can such a small area of land contain so many foodie places... Fillets, The Kettle, Stews, Dishes, Feastown and Barrel of Butter to name a few? 
10. A tie between Belchford (Lincolnshire) and Burpham (there are two - Surrey and West Sussex) - The time-honoured way to finish a great meal!

We do hope you've enjoyed dining with us. To experience the taste sensation of over 700 tenuously food-and-drink-related places, including our top 10 above, take a look at our Slightly Overcooked Map of Tasty British Place Names.

ST&G insist on using only the finest, freshest, freest-roaming, most locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients in their maps. And just a hint of pomposity. Bon appetit! 

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