All Aboard The Bondwagon

As the world's most famous secret agent prepares to hit the big screen again, we ask: "is that not a tremendous contradiction in terms?"

More to the point, after a little digging and large amounts of frustration at not being able to spend all week researching this fun and ridiculously British topic, we present what we think are the top 5 most James Bond-esque place names in Great Britain. 

If you have any other suggestions, let us know through your usual contact. That will be all, 007s.   

1. Roger Moor, Lancashire

2. Moneypenny, East Sussex

3. Kew, London

4. Blofield, Norfolk

5. Martini Drive, London

Pay Attention, 007!

So it seems there really is a Great British place name for every occasion, even when that occasion is jumping on a bandwagon. Mission accomplished (up for debate). We're heading back to HQ for a severe reprimand from M. Dismissed!