Ton Up! Britain's Top 100 Cricketing Place Names

What better way to forget about England's rugby world cup shambles than to switch over to cricket? The first test in England's series against Pakistan started this morning, so we've put together this little smasher - a mini map of all the place names in Britain that remind us of the thwack of leather on willow and the never-ending search for the next legendary sledge.

From the Scilly Isles at the southwestern extreme of Britain to Wicketslap in the Scottish Highlands, here we present a century of match-winning cricket-related Great British place names.

For the travelling supporters

Fans who recall England's early 80s heyday will appreciate a fine Gooch Drive or watching as Botham Fields. Brearley and Gower are also present. More recently, memories of the famous 2005 Ashes victory will be rekindled by a technically perfect Vaughan Drive, and further back in time you'll spot the Steps of Grace and Hobbs Point.

Many of today’s England team can be found on the map in one way or another, including a Rooooot, an Alistair Drive and a Mark Wood. There’s even a nice Ashes father-and-son combo in Norfolk: The Broads, of course.

For cricket fans of every nation

Cricketing fans and connoisseurs of all persuasions will hopefully appreciate witnessing a Great Knock, seeing Sobers Square or watching Bumble Rock. 

Australians will enjoy spotting a place called Mitchells, which describes about half their team, and another called The Don, but they probably won’t be too keen on seeing Lillee Court, Warner's End or Pratt's Bottom.

Beyond the boundary

For cricket fans planning a Great British road trip in the near future, how about visiting Cricketing Bottom or Wallop Drive? Depending on your preferred surface, you might head east to Turner or west to Green Top. 

And when it comes to positioning yourself in the field, choose between Gully, Third Slip, Leg Square or Cover. But wherever you go, do try to avoid The Rain.

Over! And All Out

That’s us skittled very cheaply indeed - we’re heading back to the pavillion for some stern feedback from our batting coach. 

Our Cricket Mini Map is currently available only in electronic format, but if we get enough requests we'll gladly do a limited print run. Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or by email