Yesnaby Castle sea stack, Orkney  (VisitScotland)

Yesnaby Castle sea stack, Orkney (VisitScotland)

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Why Go To Orkney?

Just some of many things you can do there that you can't do anywhere else...

  • Get up close and neolithic with Skara Brae, the Dwarfie Stane and the Old Man of Hoy

  • Take the world's shortest scheduled flight

  • Look south at John O'Groats and mainland Britain, and feel a long way from home (unless you live on Orkney, in which case maybe check out some of the other top 50 locations)

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70 islands, of which 20 are inhabited (by Orcadians). Loads of lovely sandy beaches, pre-history galore and legendarily good names for things like Skara Brae, the Dwarfie Stane, the Old Man of Hoy and the Ship of Death. Mostly low-lying islands, except Hoy and its ginormous cliffs. There is also the world's shortest scheduled flight - which has been done in less than a minute - from Westray to Papa Westray. Fine diving at Scapa Flow, thanks in part to all the vessels scuttled there in the last century, but also we'd venture, a little to do with cockney rhyming slang. The advice is clear: just go!

Marwick Head, Orkney  (VisitScotland)

Marwick Head, Orkney (VisitScotland)

The essential journey on Orkney is a collection of ferry-enabled road trips, making sure you experience the Churchill barriers down south, Hoy, with its huge cliffs, an amusingly-named hamlet (clue further below) and some of the smaller islands to the north.

Getting To Orkney, Maps & Guides

Getting there: NorthLink ferry from Aberdeen (6 hrs) or Scrabster, near Thurso (1.5 hrs). Also ferries from John O’Groats and Gills Bay. Frequent daily flights to Kirkwall from Glasgow (1 hr), Edinburgh (1 hr), Aberdeen (1 hr) and Inverness (1.5 hrs) airports. Flights between Orkney and Shetland 0.5 hr.

Travel times from where you are: See Orkney on Google Maps.

Maps: Find the right Ordnance Survey maps and / or get a month's free subscription to their excellent OS Maps app.

Guidebooks: .

Walking route guidance: WalkingHighlands.

Tourist board: Visit Orkney.

Even More Orkney Adventure Inspiration

A splendid old man, Hoy, Orkney, Scotland  (David Woods/Shutterstock)

A splendid old man, Hoy, Orkney, Scotland (David Woods/Shutterstock)

Our round-up of great local intel and other good things on the subject of Orkney and adventure...

The famous 1967 BBC Old Man of Hoy broadcast remembered...

Followed by this - stepping things up a notch, it's the first BASE descent of the Old Man of Hoy...

But all of that pales into insignificance next to this: Edward Mills, 8, the youngest person to climb the Old Man of Hoy.


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Please be seated  (Humphrey Butler/Marvellous Maps)

Please be seated (Humphrey Butler/Marvellous Maps)

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