A World Of Funny Place Names

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ST&G's Marvellous Map - Old School Classic
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Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick's Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names

Looking classy from afar... but far from classy up close, the Marvellous Map celebrates Britain's funniest, rudest and quirkiest place names, such as:

  • Twatt
  • Galloping Bottom
  • Cocking Causeway
  • Lusty Glaze
  • Fan y Big
  • Golden Balls

Disguised as a quaint antique map from across the room, it's guaranteed to cause the odd mouthful of tea to be spat out upon closer inspection.


  • Large (A1 = 841mm x 594mm): £28
  • Standard (A2 = 594mm x 420mm): £24

Note: Large (A1) recommended unless wall space is an issue! Text on the standard (A2) print is very small - legible, but small in the true style of old maps - so please consider the eyesight of the recipient before ordering. 

Printed lithographically on high quality 150gsm uncoated paper for that rather special vintage look. Free UK delivery on orders of £30 and over. The map is rolled exquisitely in tissue paper and shipped in a thick, unbranded cardboard tube with no paperwork so it's safe as houses and perfect for sending as a gift.


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